Kingdom Builders are people who give an offering, over and above their tithe, to make a Kingdom impact. Everything Kingdom Builders give goes to impact the next generation, our community, and the world.

2018 RECAP

$3,221,828 given in 2018 through Kingdom Builders.

$70,000 Given in scholarships to impact 47 SEU Bayside Students.

Bradenton Dream Center Campus launched on March 4, 2018 and have seen 369 decisions for Christ.

Bradenton Dream Center after-school program opened on March 8, 2018 and serves 39 families on a weekly basis.

West Bradenton Campus’ new permanent location launched on October 7, 2018. Weekly attendance grew by 37%.

623 Baysiders received scholarships for sent on mission trips and next gen events.

516 Bayside Kids and Next Gen scholarships given to attend Kids Camp, 12 Conference, and other events.

Over 17,000 people attended Night of Wonder from around our community.

1,100 gift boxes sent to families in Cowdray Park, Zimbabwe.

1584 families fed for a week in Cowdray Park, Zimbabwe.

2018 Annual Review Coming Soon


Our goal for 2019 is $2,103,235. By reaching this goal, here are some of the ways we will be able to impact the next generation, our community, and the world:

Fund scholarships for students to attend SEU Bayside.

Scholarships for students to experience Bayside Kids Camp and 12 Conference.

New Campus launch

Bradenton Dream Center expansion

Assist all next gen students to be sent on mission trips.

Deliver Christmas gifts to families in Cowdray Park, Zimbabwe.

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