2019 Build Series

2020 Vision Weekend

The Bayside Creative team is part of Bayside Community Church in Southwest Florida. We believe that God is the ultimate creator, and we are made in His image.

It’s through creativity, unity and family that we support the vision that God has placed on the house we serve. We work hard, play hard, love deeply and go the extra mile in all we do.



We are grateful for the gifts God has given us, but we know they aren’t for us to keep to ourselves. There’s nothing that brings us more joy than connecting with other ministry leaders and resourcing you.




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What is your process for getting content created, revised, and approved?

We have a request system that we require all ministry leaders to use if they need a graphic or video created.

We require a 5 week turn around time for graphics, and a 7 week turn around time from video. After the request is received, we consult with the ministry and discuss an agreed upon timeline.

We send a proof to the ministry that allows for 1 round of revisions, after the revisions are made, we send the final and order/deliver.

What is some example verbiage you use to encourage people to follow you on social media?

“Stay connected!”

“Follow us on social!”

“Get connected with us!”

As you grow, how do you create new jobs for the creative team with clear and defined roles?

Building a creative team is unique to each church and their need. I would encourage you to start looking at what is needed most to support the vision of your church.

For example, if there is a heavy emphasis on video, focus your efforts on beginning the transition to having someone who only focuses on creative video while other volunteers or staff may continue to juggle a few different things.

As time continues, help your team who is wearing multiple hats to identify what area they feel called to most that also supports their gifts and talents. As the leader, your job is to help them begin to focus on that area.

Encourage them to help you find volunteers and build up people that can share some of their responsibilities so they can begin to focus on more specific creative functions. Whether someones role is specific or shared, it’s always helpful when your team member or volunteer has clarity on what you are expecting from them.

Job descriptions, even for volunteers, can be helpful for that. List the top 5-7 primary responsibilities this person has. This gives you and them clarity and helps you identify what areas you don’t have covered and need to begin looking for willing volunteers.

Remember, a growing church is always changing, and so your creative team and structure may change as you grow. Take it one step at a time… you’ll get there!

What platforms, resources, and tools do you use as a creative team?