We Believe in the Holy Bible

In it’s original writing, the Holy Bible is the inspired, dependable and without error Word of God. It alone is the final authority in determining how we live our lives.

“Our God, Three In One”

There is one God, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These three are co-equal and co-eternal.

God Is Our Redeemer

Man was originally created good and honorable, but decided to disobey God, which separated him from God and His original plan for man. Man’s only hope of restoring his relationship with God is in Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ Is The Son of God

Jesus Christ is God the Son, born of a virgin. On earth, Jesus lived a life free of sin and offered Himself as the sacrifice for all of our sins by dying on a cross. He rose 3 days later and will someday return to earth to reign as King.

We Can’t Save Ourselves. Only God Can

We are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ (His death, burial, and resurrection). Salvation is a gift from God, not a result of our good works or of any human efforts.

But First We Must Repent

Repentance is the commitment to turn away from sin in every area of our lives and to follow Christ. This allows us to receive His redemption and to be regenerated by the Holy Spirit.

Becoming Christ-like Takes a Lifetime

Sanctification is the ongoing process of obeying God’s word and His spirit in order to complete the development of Christ’s character in us. It is through the ministry of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God that a Christian can live a godly life.

Spiritual Gifts Still Manifest In Believers

The Holy Spirit is manifested through spiritual gifts to build and sanctify the church, demonstrate the validity of the resurrection, and confirm the power of the Gospel. The Bible’s list of these gifts is not necessarily exhaustive, and the gifts may occur in various combinations.

We Believe In Water Baptism

Christ commanded His people to be baptized in water in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

God Wants You To Live Victoriously

It is the Father’s will for believers to become whole, healthy and successful in all areas of life. Though many may not receive the full benefits of God’s will while on Earth, Christ-followers still have the opportunity to seek all Christ provided for them.

Heaven & Hell Are Real

Heaven is the eternal dwelling place for all Christ followers. God will send unbelievers to Hell (a place of eternal torment) originally created for the Devil and the Fallen Angels and not for man.

Jesus Will Return Someday

Jesus Christ will physically and visibly return to earth for the second time to establish His Kingdom. This will occur at a date undisclosed by the scriptures.