Grow in Your Relationship With God and Live Out Your God-Given Purpose

If you’ve ever asked the question: “God how can you use me? Or “Where do I belong?” or “What’s my purpose?” then we’d like to invite you to take a step with us and engage in our Growth Track. Bayside’s Growth Track is made up of 4 simple steps that you can start at any time.


My Bayside will answer the questions you have about your church, give you an opportunity to spend time with your campus leadership and learn how you can make Bayside yours. My Bayside happens on the first weekend of every month. Register here.


You were created with a purpose and God wants to see you use it. Discover who God has created you to be and learn how He can use you at Bayside. My Place happens on the second weekend of every month. Register here.


Discover the foundations that are at the core of what you believe as a follower of Christ. My Foundation happens on the third weekend of every month. Register here.


My Freedom is designed to encourage you to hear from God and live out the full life He intends for you. My Freedom kicks off the fourth weekend of every month and continues for 7 weeks, culminating with a powerful Freedom Weekend Experience. Register here.

To view all of our upcoming Growth Track events click here.